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streamline your waste management process

Products & Services

At Waste Experts we are committed to providing sustainable and environmentally friendly waste services to our clients. We believe that our services can play a crucial role in helping businesses, organisations, and individuals reduce their environmental impact and achieve sustainability goals. Our core focus is on promoting recycling, reducing carbon emissions, and minimising waste to landfill. We understand that recycling is a critical component of waste management, and we offer a range of recycling services to help our clients divert recyclable materials from the waste stream. Our recycling programs include the collection and processing of paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, and metal. We work closely with our clients to identify the most suitable recycling solutions for their specific waste streams.

UK wide service

Wheelie Bins & FEL's

Our extensive wheelie bin and FEL range will meet your business’ individual needs. Collection schedules are tailored to your requirements. 

Managing your projects

Skips & RORO's

Full range of standard skips from 8yd up to 16yd, as well as larger roll-on, roll-off (RoRo) containers for all commercial and industrial waste streams.  

Commercial & Industrial

Hazardous Waste

Fully managed service for the storage, handling, collection, treatment and disposal of technical and hazardous waste materials. 

protect your workforce

Clinical Waste

We ensure all your clinical waste streams are correctly segregated, stored and handled from point of production through to final disposal.

In house recycling

Electrical Waste

We provide the most responsive and environmentally sound recycling programme for  all 14 categories of WEEE plus lamps and batteries. 

secure your business

Confidential Waste

Secure shredding services for documents, identification cards, credit cards, clothing, promotional materials and tapes. 

gdpr compliance

Secure IT & Asset Disposal 

Secure IT and Asset Disposal Services that elevate security, improve sustainability, and protect your brand reputation.