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Welcome to Waste Experts

Total waste management

We empower our customers to reduce their carbon footprint, optimise resource usage and increase their recycling  rates, creating a circular economy and sustainable future.

About Us

Innovation Led Solutions

Welcome to Waste Experts, we are the UK’s most forward thinking and responsive waste management specialist. We believe in going above and beyond the standard partnership approach by fully integrating our business with yours and delivering a seamless customer experience.   

Our innovative combined model of in-house and outsourced service solutions enables us to provide a bespoke total waste management offering built around your business. 

Our unique approach minimises the need to utilise multiple service providers for different waste streams and services, providing a more streamlined and a consistent approach to your waste management activities.   

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total Waste & Resource Management

From our initial waste survey, to a full waste audit, our experts will actively identify areas for improvement to ensure we are consistently providing you with the most cost effective and environmentally sustainable solution.

Duty of Care Compliance

Waste Experts have all of the required documentation to make your consignments legal and your audit trail complete. Our industry leading customer portal is a simple and convenient way to manage all of your Duty of Care obligations.

Environmental Consultancy

We provide you with absolute peace of mind, ensuring that your environmental compliance is fully supported by managing a broad range of environmental regulations, law and standards.

our mission and vision statement

Our mission is to lead the waste and recycling sector by providing innovative solutions that minimise environmental impact, protect communities, and uphold the highest standards of corporate ethics.

Our vision is to create a future where waste is minimised, resources are conserved through a circular economy, and our staff and wider communities thrive together, demonstrating that social responsibility and profitability can coexist harmoniously.